Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Don't we Have Good Catholic Fiction?

That is the topic of a intriguing post at InsideCatholic called What happened to popular Catholic fiction? This is not just a Catholic problem by the way. Though our Evangelical brothers and sisters outproduce us in this area , I think they would agree, with some notable exceptions. that even much of their fiction is well crap. The Left behind series come to mind.

Forget the Theology for a second as to that series but the fact that people bought so many books of that very bad written series shows there is a thirst for it. Even if the writing leaves much to be desired. Catholics by the way were huge buyers of it too.

I think a lot has to do with the loss of Catholic Sacramental view among many Catholic and the dumbing down of Catholic culture as a whole.

I think Protestants and even Evangelicals have suffered this to a certain extent as to Christian Culture. Anyway good read.


RC2 said...

I have to put a plug in for Leif Enger's Peace Like A River. It was a bestseller in the 90s, but I don't know if Christians knew it was a deeply Christian book. Perhaps he's proof that the culture isn't hostile to the Christian message if the story is truly good and well-written.

He is the most beautiful writer: very pleasing use of language.I'm reading his newly released second novel, So Brave, Young & Handsome right now. Can't say yet if it as good as the first, but so far it is just as gorgeously written.

James H said...

thanks for the recommedation