Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sure Sign People are Worried About 08 Election- Mandatory Bashing of the South Has Started

Newsweek has such a offensive and ignorant article on Southerners it is breathtaking. The reason we are seeing this is of course there is a tad of panic in some political circles. This article is very similar to the ones we saw that were mean spirited that were published around the GOP convention in New York City and in the aftermath of the 04 election. Basically look at those ignorant , backward Jesus freaks.

GO to Southern Appeal and his post Newsweek frets over “Southernism” triumphant. I am sure that many bloggers will be commenting on this screed so I shall try to update.

IF you want to see a far more balanced way of approaching the topic that is engaged in that article go see From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... post From U.S. News & World Report...Old Hickory Lives!

I find these articles amusing in some ways. They fail to note the obvious. That is perhaps politicians have in some Northern States are not representing their own people's views. That the values and yes religious values we see are not just some "Southern thing".

Look for updates as bloggers react

Instapundit takes note and says usually they wait till after they lose to pull this stuff.
Eugene Volokh calls it a rant
Fore Left in Halp us, Michael Hirsh says Pardon the New Orleans French but such a croque of crappe is rarely seen in print.
Deans World has thoughts at Hirsh, Church, And Jefferson
Victor Hansen over at the Corner gives his two cents at The Problem With Kansas? It's all those crazy white westerners and neo-confederates
Pax Plena points out a glaring error with his piece at Misunderstanding American Culture
Hick Politics after a 24 hour colling off period wites his thoughts at The Civil War Rages Anew

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