Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Does That Idiot Finebaum Have A Column In Bama Newspapers-CALLS BATON ROUGE TOXIC DUMP

I really feel sorry for Auburn fans. How they live in a state where Paul Finebaum(Bama Suckoff expert) is writing and broadcasting his bile on the airwaves is beyond me.

His latest article is a piece of work. It is called Saban up on LSU already. I mean look at this:
Saban is about the challenge, the process. He had already proven he can turn Louisiana on its head. He didn't need to prove anymore at a place that had been so mired in mediocrity (eight losing seasons in 11 years before he arrived). Besides, five years in a toxic waste dump like Baton Rouge must have felt like a lifetime.

I have a hard time seeing a sportwriters in most of the respectable papers in the South referring to people or their hometowns this way. He should be writing the sports column for things such as "GUIDE TO ALABAMA EXOTIC DANCER AND STRIP CLUB MAGAZINE" rather than the Press Register.

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