Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Outside the Church there is no salvation." and The Virgin Mary

One blog that I enjoy a great deal is Michael Liccione contribution to the internet world is Sacramentum Vitae. He also is someone unlike many of us that is pretty well trained in all this Catholic theology stuff. He is alos one of the lead Catholic bloggers that often deals with Catholic/Orthodox issues.

He has a interesting post called Mary and EENS .'EENS' stands for the Catholic Church's dogma Extra ecclesiam nulla salus, which is usually translated "Outside the Church there is no salvation." . This Dogma or at least explaining it is always a headache. Just putting the whole thing is historical context of the orginal Papal Bull itself takes about 30 minutes to explain. He really does a good job of explaining what Catholic must believe as to this and Marian Doctrines. In fact he expands on that to what is necesary for salvation. I was tempted to offer my two cents.

However I have already said I would give input to the intriguing post of Cajun Hugenots that are located here and here. By the way he has another post that is sort of related to that here at Where Am I?.

On top of that I said today I was going to engaged this post written by Tobias. All of which looking at the clock(tic tock tic tock) looks doubtful today. But I shall try. I ahve a real bad habit of going down the rabbit hole of fascinating links that each web page brings and forgetting what I was focused on ten minutes earlier.

Anyway he puts what Catholic Teaching is as to these two Controversial subjects way better than I could. It is a good post to print out and save for later or to send to a person interested in the Catholic faith if they have questions.

David Armstrong has also hit on these topics at his great site. I do not have time to find where he hit on it but when I do I shall update this entry. There was a quote from Cardinal about Marian Doctrines and Salvation that I recall reading and have spent some time trying to find again. I think it was at Dave's site that I found it. I shall try to update later tonight if I am successful

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