Monday, October 29, 2007

What the Elite Press Do Not Get About the South

AJ Strata had a wonderful observation to more of the silly attitude of the Press toward redstaters and especially southerners. Go read In The Wake Of Katrina, GOP Success as he responds to how a reporter gives kudos to us rednecks. He says in part:
Only a self-centered Ivy league journalist ignoramous would confuse a simple life (redneck, bubba) with a simple mind. You would think Jeff Foxworthy would have opened the elitist eyes for them! But they don’t get the joke. Us southern rednecks don’t laugh at Foxworthy because he describes us so well. We laugh because he describes so well how the elitist idiots see us. It’s like are slow drawal accents. People assume it is because we think slow, when actually it gives us more time to enjoy the frustration of those who cannot handle a paced conversation.

How true. Many of us have not forgotten how the New York Press wrote hateful articles about Republican that were visiting and spending money in their town. Also giving it great publicity. I will not even get into the post 2004 election bile that came out.

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