Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup For Oct 30th

Members of St Augustine Catholic Church gathered in small groups to remember those passed. The evening ended with a gumbo supper in the church hall. There is a incredible set of pictures of this Louisiana tradition here. I say tradition. It is a Louisiana Catholic tradition that needs a big shot in the arm if you ask me. Hopefully this will continue to be a part of All Souls and All Saints day that is coming up.

Alive and Young has a post up called Buying From Spam . This post is pretty funny. Check out Roman Missal Command

Astonished Yet at Home needs our prayers as he tells us here at Emergency Room Trip . Let me pick up on the excellent post he had yesterday that I missed because of my illness. The New William Jennings Bryan is a post related to Hike Huckabee. I might do a separate entry on that once I read it in full. This look intriguing and I shall also put this on my must read list. Go see The Real Mexico .He gives his Final Thoughts on This Year in Baseball . We Will Always Love You is news about the death of a country music icon. This wonderful. Go see Martyred Spanish Layman's Love Letter . ANOTHER link I am putting aside for later. Go see Joy Is Rooted in the Freedom that God Gives which is Pope Benedict XVI reflecting on the example of Beethoven.
He has a post here that is critical of George Will at Abortion's "So-What" Factor . Tobias says "the column is more evidence that the Republican party cannot be trusted on abortion". Well I suppose I just will give up :). To be honest besides people that watch THIS WEEK I don't know a ton of people that think George Will is a big influence on the Republican party. He has done some humdinger of some columns that were way out there. Will is like PEggy Noonan. Someone that needs to get out of their "inside the beltway" concoon

Catholic Underground has a interesting post up. Turns out they were interviewed by a major Catholic Apologetic magazine. Here it is at Episode 56: Envoyage!. Louisiana Catholic Blogger!!! Hear us roar!!!

The Lake Charles Latin Mass Society has a important update on "Latin Mass Schedules" at Update.

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a great message up at his daily update. Go to Feast of Saint Alponsus Rodriguez (30 Oct 2007)

Father Allen has come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a routine Priestly life. Go see Priestly Living

Full Circle has several good post us. Go see So my wife was confronted about homeschooling . Also please read Given the propensity of cynical people to dress as a Catholic priest for Halloween ...

Catholic Tube has some Vids up. Go see this one on the problems of porn. Also see Catholic Bishops Oppose Majimbo

From The Recamier is still blogging on vacation. Go see her latest here.

A Number of Things has more pics of her camping trip up. Go see Camping Time Again

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has a link to a new column she wrote at My New Column is Up...

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has a vid up believe at his latest entry. The computer I am on is hyperactive on the filter device so I can't see it. I relates thought to St Augustine.

Footprints on the Fridge has a nice post up called Loveliness of Leaves

Arrival : The Parousian Weblog has a very good post up called The Beauty of Order from Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday

We end with the Brown Pelican Society. Those posts and links are:
What Would Jesus Download?
Interview with Dr. Bernhard Bueb: Education, Discipline and Liberalism
Living in a State (and a World) Where Wildfires Happen
U.S. Supreme Court Debates Child Porn Case Today
Where There's a (George) Will, There's Dismay
Finding Peace in a Stressful World
The End of America As We Know It
Social Engineering: Rio de Janeiro Governor, Also a Catholic, Promotes Legalization of Abortion to Reduce Number of Criminals
Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good
Pope Benedict XVI Tells Pharmacists Not to Dispense Drugs to Inhibit Implantation; Implications for Plan B at Catholic Hospitals
TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches
TODAY'S SAINT - St. Alphonsus Rodriguez (c. 1533-1617)

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