Thursday, October 25, 2007

Les Miles Interviews So Much Better With Non Louisiana Media(Houston Radio)

One of the complaints about LSU Coach Les miles is that he is not he best public speaker. People then make a huge leap to equate that with intelligence and coaching ability. Thus the "Les is not smart" myth.

The problem is that this is not entirely true. I can't help but notice that out of state media often gets a better interview with Les than their in state counterparts. For example if you were listening to the Les Miles Show last night one can't help note that Miles appears uncomfortable. Now there are several reasons for this perhaps.

First, expecting a Coach to be "on" after a full day of Coaching and running the program is a lot to expect. Also Baton Rouge, I bet feelss suffocating to Coaches who are in the thick of it. The fan base puts everything and I mean everything under a microscope. I mentioned last night Les should take the radio show on the road. Can you imagine ITS THE LES MILES SHOW LIVE FROM YALL COME BACK IN KAPLAN . Oh the humanity!!!!! However I bet Les would fill more comfortable and have more fun.

A prime example is this Houston Radio Station interview. Go to the John Granato section and hit Les Miles. I am not sure if or where this will be archived after today. It still might be at that link. It appears that Miles talks on this Houston Radio station every Thursday morning. That is such a great idea in many ways. However much like his interviews with Tim Brando one can tell a immediate difference in what many LSU fans hear in state. Anyway good link and a LSU fan gets more out of that interview as to the state of the team than listening to an entire hour of the Miles Show last night.

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