Friday, October 26, 2007

Why DO People Fear Huckabee? Because He Can Win

I will have a major recap of the latest slams on Huckabee tomorrow. However a few points. If one observed some of the more astute liberal bloggers early in the year many said to watch out for Huckabee. That if he caught fire he would be tough to beat. It appears that many in the Republican camp that have other horses in the GOP race for the White House realize now what the KOS crowd knew then.

I mention the slam piece that was written by the Wall Street Journal on Huckabee here as well as the response(Have you emailed that link yet?)

I notice that the moderate to liberal New Republic has taken noticed at entries they have just posted at Is Huckabee "A Liberal... Just Like Bill Clinton"? and The Journal Swings into Anti-Huckabee Mode.

Huckabee is on the upswing and we GOPERS are going to have a tad of infighting. It is natural. ITS CALLED A PRIMARY. That is what happens. Then we all unite at the end.

Kevin Tracy on his blog shows some reason why people are getting concerned. Go see The Incredible Huck, Huckabee in Double Digits Nationally!, and Huckabee’s Internet Momentum. Now what has gotten certain people concerned is why and when this is taking place.

Contrary to what it looks like in blog land(where political nuts like me are hitting the google refresh button every 5 minutes) no one is really paying attention. That is the vast American public who are at this point are pretty engaged in getting the kids Halloween costumes done, High school football, and Dancing with the Stars. What makes people nervous though is that a dynamic shift is occurring among the people like us that are engaged 24/. Also that Huckabee will be entering that background noise that the American people hear from time to time in a much bigger way.

Why are they concerned? Here are some article from the last two days
Huckabee Tops Poll of Evangelical Leaders Christianity Today
Huckabee moves into top GOP tier after column- World Net
Iowans Gives Huckabee a Second Look(AP)
Mike Huckabee explains why he's surging.(Slate)
Evangelicals Flocking To Mike Huckabee Red State
Huckabee traction might cause problems for Mitt Romney in Iowa USA Daily

Let me point out this little item
What About Huckabee's Theology? Yes that is the Pat Robertson network that is doing it own slam piece.


I could on and on. My suggestion to Huckabee supporters is get on the web and monitor the blogs and forums. Sign up and make a stand against false information. Also keep track of what you are receiving as election spam email. You will often find that what looks like a thousand "conservative" groups opposing Huckabee are actually the same folks under different names. More on that later as the campaign progresses

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Anonymous said...

The cycle goes like this:

"This election is wide open..."

"XXX appears to be the frontrunner..."

"XXX seems to have a lock, can anyone beat him?"

"PPP seesm to have no traction. Does anyone care?"

"PPP dropped out today, not with a bang but a whimper."

"XXX's nomination looks inevitable [though no one has voted on anything yet]."

More of my thoughts on the election cycle:

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