Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup for Oct 23rd

Some How I missed Alive and Young in My Louisiana Blogger Update yesterday. He had a lot of great posts too. Be sure to check the following out. See Sexual Misconduct Plagues U.S. Schools . I loved this post and I intend to get his book Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar . . . . See his great vid Introducing . . . Jesus . A must read is this Bobby McFerrin Sings Ave Maria . I got to say I love that map he is showing at Louisiana Wins Twice Today . A great quote by Steve Spurrier I missed at his post Quote of the Day . I like what he is saying in the LSU related post Who Stepped Up?

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks is back from her retreat and has tow post up. See Whenever I Wonder or Doubt... and Stu-pend?

Maudie in Mandeville has a wonderful post. In fact I am going to highlight it later. Maudi like me it appears is a pretty big COnservative pro-life Catholic that is not buying all these threats to go third party if you know who gets the nomination. She has a great post Maudie's 'Values Voters and Divine Intervention' . I love this part:"knowing a third party candidate will put Mrs. Bill Clinton into office should be enough to galvanize real conservative Christians. Instead, we get a flippant fait accompli “it would likely put a Democrat in the White House.” As for “God’s got to step in for us”, it took God 400 years to step in for the Jews in Egypt and about that long for the slaves in this country. We can assume there were prayers all during those times. Maudie has been praying for the Powerball, but as they say, ‘God works in mysterious ways.’" Amen to that.

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily message up at Feast of Saint John of Capistrano . A good read. He talks about Islam and the the need for Catholic/Orthodox reunion as well as Union with all our separated brothers and sisters.

From The Recamier blogging while on vacation has her daily post here. It' s a Good read.

Catholic Tube has some vids up. Check out this one on pornography.

Astonished Yet At Home has several great post up. This pretty funny at Ending the Whole Protestant Thing . Dumbledore Is Gay is a post relating to the Harry Potter books. Since I must be of only 2 people in the Country that has not read them I have no idea if he is gay or not :) Bobby Jindal, American is a great post. Our Lady of Guadelupe as Pop Icon is interesting.

He does have a great post and link I shall be highlighting in my very entry. Go see Why the Rank and File of the Religious Right Is Moving Towards Huckabee . Expect me to comment on his post. It appears that Tobias is thinking good thoughts about RON PAUL!! I really have no clue of his appeal. His supporters often scare me to death. Also I will predict that if God forbid he got the nod we would get about 5 percent of the Hispanic vote.
However Tobias ,that somehow reconciles his consistent life ethic, his concern for the poor, and his orthodoxy with his fascination with Paleoconservatives that he is linking left and right to on his magnificent blog, is someone I must convert to the Huckabee cause:)


Footprints on the Fridge has a post here Camping photos . Which are photo to the great Forest land of North Louisiana where I live. Actually I live in town but you get the point.

We end with the Brown Pelican Society. Go see
The Poverty of Abortion
Defending Human Life
Hillary Clinton: "She is the Smile on the Halloween Pumpkin That Knows the Harvest is Coming. She’s Even Putting a Light Inside"
Conservative Republican Candidates Wanted for '08(read this)
Catholic Wins Office: Louisiana Elects Catholic Governor
Pro-Family Group in Panama Offers Alternative Sex-Ed Formation
Catholic-Muslim Dialogue: Cardinal Tauran Outlines Difficulties of Dialogue with Muslims
Women's Health Conference Aims Distorted by Pro-Abortion Ideology
World Youth Day: Fleet of Ships to Welcome Pope to 2008 WYD in Sydney
A Plan Without Control: Bishop Defends Chastity, Points Out Errors in Middle School Birth Control Plan
GOP Frontrunners Arguing Over Who's More Conservative
The Brown Pelican is Fully Supported by its Readers!
Lying About “Safe” Abortions
BACKFIRE? Robert Morris University Blasted for Sending Freshmen to Volunteer at Abortion Centers(good grief)
TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - Blessed Are Those Servants
TODAY'S SAINT - St. John of Capistrano (1386-1456)

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