Monday, October 22, 2007

A Catholic Free Market Approach To Health Care

Vox Nova has a very interesting piece today. They do have a few posters that are "conservative". I really enjoyed this piece A Catholic Free Market Approach To Health Care. As always the good stuff is in the comment section. I am pretty open on this debate. I do think there should be a safety net for people that cannot afford insurance but I am not buying into a UK or Canada system right now. With the baby boomers retiring we better figure out something innovative. Medicare and Medicaid are about to be stressed to the breaking point.

I suppose after the Social Security debate where Americans decided ,despite President Bush's pleadings not too, to ignore the impending funding crisis , I am a tad wary of funding a whole new Govt program where health care is PAID by the Government totally. I have other reasons too. It just seems if we are robbling the Social Security Trust fund we better deal with that first. Anyway a good post and discussion at the link.

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