Monday, October 22, 2007

Incredible LSU Finish and Silly Media Over reaction(You Tube Vid Too)

Needless to say that photo is classic. Just looking at the Crowd reaction and their faces closely is just too funny. Oh and if LSU fans want to get nervous look at this article on that play from the Auburn viewpoint. Yikes.

Now what a finish. LSU has not lost a home game since the first game of 2002. That is pretty incredible. Needless to say Les Miles is giving us the biggest bang for our buck for our entertainment dollar as to a LSU ticket. Just incredible.

However it is just silly how the headlines are over the top on this play. Les Miles is reckless!!! Les Miles gambles Once More!!!. Even anti Miles LSU columnist Guilbeau goes to town on him today. This is a perfect example of how Media people can set the tone even if they are wrong. If you are buying this "Reckless Les Miles" garbage please watch the following You Tube Video that is the ESPN Broadcast of the last few minutes of the game.

Now a couple of things to take into account here. First if we are going to examine coaching decisions then lets look at Auburn. I think everyone was expecting Auburn to call a time out. I know I was. I think trying to freeze Colt David by use of time outs was a risky choice which appears what Auburn was thinking. Again I think the players, the Coaches and fans thought Tuberville was going to call a timeout which is important in the flow of this.

Now the whole tenor and over the top reaction in the media to the "gamble" was started by the ESPN Commentators as you can see. First they are wrong. AN incomplete pass would have stopped the clock at around 4 seconds. Notice they don't go back and really correct their mistake. As to the "bobble" pass yeah that was a risk. However this is what is missing. LSU kind of goofed on timing here. The Offense should have snapped the ball and started this wild chain of events about 3 or 4 seconds earlier. Again I think the Tubervile calling a timeout was in their minds. That is a player and execution issue. Not a coaching game clock management issue.

Anyway it is interesting that like in politics as well as sports perceptions and story lines can be caused by bad and incorrect initial media analysis.


Cajun Huguenot said...
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Cajun Huguenot said...

I was at work and was listening to the radio and was not able see the game. Thanks for the clip!!!!!!!!!


Geaux Tigers!!!!!

James H said...

It was a awesome game. I don't think I can handle many more of these close ones :)