Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Insanity ? Department of Justice Intervenes to Stop Louisiana Student Voucher Program

Rod Dreher notes some of the insanity in the fact that the Louisiana Department of Justice has filed suit to stop the Louisiana voucher program for students in almost half of the school districts of Louisiana.

As he points out most of the students that are using these vouchers are black !

He quotes African American Ken Campbell who opposes this move :

But Campbell points out that in many public school systems, real racial balance is impossible because white families have moved away or put their children in private school.
He said it’s unjust to put up roadblocks to vouchers. Doing so, he said, essentially tells the state it must make poor black children stay in schools that rich children can leave. After all, if they had the money, those families could choose private school and disrupt integration on their own.
Nor did Campbell, who lives in Ascension Parish, see a problem with some Louisiana voucher schools being 100 percent black. The real question, he said, is what society’s goals should be and how it gets there. “I don’t think our ultimate end is just to have racially integrated schools,” he said. “I think our ultimate aim is to have quality schools.”
I think that is largely correct. I think intergration is laudable goal but I am not sure it should be the end all in all matters dealing with education.

The fact is as he points the fact is a good many people have just put there kids ( both white and  minorities ) that put their kids in private schools or if they had the means just left their Parish or County to go to an adjacent one where they view the school system as better.

In fact its is now quite common to even see black students in private  schools that had their origins as " Seg Academies ) in Louisiana.

 Of course there are some legal thinkers that think it is possible to make public education mandatory and pretty much eliminate private and religious schools . I gusss one would also to have to elliminate things such as country lines on a map too to address the other problem I mentioned. However I think both of these revolutionary proposals are a tad extreme.

In the end I do wonder. If we are having more intergration in private schools then are not some of these goals being met in reality ?

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