Monday, August 12, 2013

Could Mystery Priest Be Missouri Monk That Died In 1927 Car Accident ( Updated - Priests has Been Found ALIVE ! )

This is pretty fun as the " Mystery Priest " still had the nation's attention. See Could Fr. Lukas Etlin be the Missouri “Mystery Priest”? via The Practicing Catholic .

Update- Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Te Mystery Priest has been found alvie and kicking.  :)


Rick67 said...

I don't disagree, and I take the transfiguration conversation between Jesus and Moses + Elijah very seriously. But let us assume yes indeed it was this priest who died in 1927. So what is he doing? I mean what is a dead priest doing wandering around Missouri and showing up around car wrecks? And he looks like the age at which he died? (Insert questions about Anakin Skywalker at end of Return of the Jedi.) It raises awkward questions about the current state of those who have fallen asleep in the Lord yes?

James H said...

Ahh I was about to respond and the news breaks ! The priest is alive and kicking. I updated :)

Anonymous said...

still a good story!