Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seven Shotgun Shells Gets Man 15 Years in Prison - Sentencing Reform & Catholic Legal Thought

Greg Sisk looks at at a Nicholas Kristof article that examines the latest insanity in Federal Sentencing. Something that happens way too much at the Federal level and is sadly duplicated in most of the 50 states.

See Seven Shot Guns Shells, No Weapons, But 15 Years in Prison .

This insanity is caused by people in both parties and if truth be told the emotional whims of John Q Public that have not thought a rational sentencing system out.

Add to that Presidents and Governors that are politically  gun shy from using their pardon powers to correct things like this and  we thus have this system that make no sense and causes injustice.

The good thing is it appears we are at one of those moments of time where there can be a real bi partisan coalition to maybe reform this state of affairs.

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