Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beligium Jewish Schools and Photographing Same-Sex Weddings In New Mexico

Law Prof Josh Blackman has an interesting posting linking these two events in the news .

It's well worth the read.

A few observation. I think People of Faith don't need to assume that  all liberals , people of little Faith, and even many  people of the LGBT don't have concerns how this case in New Mexico was resolved by the New Mexico Supreme Court. I suspect many are suspect  that Government can just run over the Freedom of Exercise issues here and the assorted speech issues. They should be engaged and highlighted.

Second I was struck by the Josh Blackman's Orthodox Jewish example in New York City as to the use of political power. I have never liked how the term culture war is thrown out. Mainly because it seem to be an attempt to shut people down on some big issue involving  such things as life and death itself. Still if something is going to be called a culture war this seems to have all the hallmarks of it. There are no doubt there are people that think having a 100 year like War on issues such as gay wedding cakes is needed. If you are one that thinks the thinks the culture war has got the Church too involved in politics issues like this I suspect you better expect that to expand more.


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Unknown said...

I think it says quite a lot that the Pope did address it. The Vatican has never pointed fingers at other groups or religious organizations with higher incidents of sex abuse. The Pope has never pointed out that the public school system in America has a higher rate of sex abuse than the Catholic Church.

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