Friday, August 2, 2013

Some Startling Presbyterian Church (USA) Numbers ( Rapid Decline )

Juicy Ecumenism looks at rather bleak demographic numbers for Presbyterian Church ( USA ) . See The Coming Collapse of the PC (USA)

The Presbyterians still have an imprint in the Deep South but not as much as it was in the past. I kinda of look at the Presbyterian Church in my town and see some of the issues this report is talking about .

.Most  Presbyterian Churches down here they are more " conservative " than the national leadership and their national body. Some have left to go to other Presbyterian bodies , but most have decided to stick it out. One problem they are having is much like the problem other Churches are having in the rural South That is a migration of kids to the city and no new migration into the town.

IF these kids that come from families that have a Presbyterian heritage that dates from when the area was settling are  keeping their Presbyterian ID when move to the big city is something I wonder about..


Steve Finnell said...


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Anonymous said...

sad to see the PC in such decline. They are not the only main liners going south.

Anonymous said...

So the writer is surprised that the membership of the Presbyterian Church is "old and white"? Don't they teach history in schools anymore? If they did, then the writer should know, without doing any survey, that Presbyterians are not just "white", but that they are likely of a Scottish, or Scots-Irish cultural heritage. This is the same as finding a large percentage of Mexican immigrants at the Catholic churches, or a large percentage of Middle Eastern immigrants at the Muslim Mosques. Those of us who are "crackers" have been here a long time. It is entirely normal and natural that as generations go by, with intermarriage and assimilation as Americans, their religious preferences will become more generic. Simple church, cowboy church, generic "gathering", no-name megachurch is the contempory American religiosity.