Friday, July 26, 2013

New Republic Seems Reluctant To Correct Zimmerman Trial Error in Their Article - Why ? ( Updated )

During the whole Zimmerman trial I have become more and more convinced criminal trials are often not a good avenue to have " National Conversations " on important issues .

When the fact pattern of individual cases do not exactly fit the need for our " National Conversation " people compensate by accepting all sort of half myths as truths. Facts get distorted and that harms the Justice that a defendant or victim should be getting.

A good point can be seen how the New Republic seems hell bent on not really trying to correct a factual error in it's own pages over the Zimmerman trial. That is Zimmerman 911 call about a 7 year old black child. What is ironic is the actual call seems to put Zimmerman in a good light. I mean I think it is good that someone is calling the police about a young kid in the road before he gets run over.

However in an article for the New Republic this becomes an occasion to really be suspect of this Zimmerman dude.

See How Not to Correct the Record – TNR Edition .

Now no one wants to admit they are wrong but this is a pretty bad error. So why is the The New Republic So why is the New Republic fighting this it seems .

We all become invested in a narrative and when that narrative goes off the rail some we become defensive I suppose. Even major respected publications like this one.

There is a good bit of talk about a national conversation on race we need to have. I agree we should have one. However that conversation goes no where when we see the truth sacrificed for the one for the greater cause. Justice does not work that way.

UPDATE- TNR FINALLY makes the required corrections that is suitable. Instapundit comments

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