Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For Conservatives To Win Do They Need Be More Governor Mike Huckabee Like ( Storytelling )

Rod Dreher has an excellent piece up called Story Lines, Not Party Lines - Why conservatives must master the narrative art .

Basically he is saying how think tank studies are not going to get us any votes no matter how important they are. He relates to his move back to Louisiana.

On a practical level , that is  getting elected , I thought about Governor Mike Huckabee right away.

Former President Bill Clinton and Political consultant Carville both mentioned that Huckabee's  huge asset was the ability to tell a story . No matter what you think about some individual positions of Huckabee there was no doubt this was a huge success  in his political career .

First look in Arkansas. Even in the most conservative of areas its not easy for a Preacher to get elected to political office. Add to that Arkansas was a pretty darn blue dog populist state it makes Huckabee's storytelling ability even thrown in more stark relief as to the asset it was to him for 8 years.

When he ran for President , with hardly no funds , his ability to tell a story got him much farther than any pundit ( than perhaps Bill Clinton and those that knew him ) thought he could go. Also his storytelling even made him likeable to liberals in many cases.

SO I agree with Rod Dreher the ability to tell a story is needed. It's amazing we lost this ability so easy. One other side note about Huckabee. Notice he was and still is a great advocate for art and music education in the schools.


A Secular Franciscan said...

I still wish Huckabee had run in 2012.

James H said...

Me too !