Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Is Jane Roe So Missing From The Texas Abortion Law Story

The big Supreme Court Cases that have shaped our legal history are known and indeed made personal by names of the parties. Plessy Vs FergursonLoving v. Virginia , and The New York Times V The United States in the famous Pentagon paper case. 

Now I think it would be newsworthy years later if Mr Plessy had decided that State Louisiana separate train accommodations based on race was later a alright idea. It would have been news if the Loving couple decided you know maybe different races should not marry. It also would have been news if years later the New York Times took the opposite position on Freedom of the Press than it it did in the Pentagon Papers case.

However what about the famous ROE V WADE case perhaps one of the best known Supreme Court cases in history. 

Well with all the #standwithwendy we saw in Texas over the abortion law it appears ROE is missing and even when she is mentioned her current role does not seem to be even talked about.

Get Religion looks at this at NPR misses the symbolism — and reality — of Jane Roe.

What makes Jane Roe so interesting is perhaps she very much is a symbol of the complexities of abortion politics and how positions have been reevaluated .

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Anonymous said...

Jane Roe has her right to choose firmly intact. If she now chooses to give birth, and if she were young enough to do so, then she has the right to do as she pleases with her own body. She, nor any other woman has any complaint coming as long as nobody, especially the government, is not forcing anything upon them. Nothing could be more fair and right than for every person to attend to his or her own personal business, and let others do the same. You people working so hard to give the government authority over your reproductive organs are going to be in for a rude awakening when the government turns around and starts mandating abortions and sterilizations. It will be just like when you celebrated all the powergrabbing of the Bush administration under the Patriot Act, and then raise cane over the same power being used by the next President. To this libertarian, it is like a comedy show watching people in this country insist upon giving the government supreme rule over us, and then carrying on over the government using that authority against us.