Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did Fear of Racial Profiling Play A Part In 14 Year Old Criminal's Death ?

Unlike the Hayride I don't Al Shartpton and company are likely to get involved in this case. Partly because I suspect with everything that is going in this neighbor many African American residents and others will think what this guy  did was reasonable. This is all depending of course whatever facts are at play and come out..
See New Orleans Now Has Its Own Zimmerman Case… Now in this story is I guess a tragic irony in all this.

Earlier in the evening, a different neighbor said the teen in the blue tank top had been biking around the area around 8 p.m. and the neighbor believed he was looking at different houses. “I thought about calling the cops, but the last thing I want to do is racially profile a little kid who’s just biking,” said the neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The neighbor and Landry are white; the two teens are black.

The neighbor sensed something was not right it appears but came to the conclusion that in this climate  he was not going to call the police. So at about 2 a.m. this kids apparently work together to do a crime and boom one of the kids gets shot.


Undergroundpewster said...

If the neighbor had called the NOPD, and if they had sent a cruiser, that would have spooked those kids and the one would have lived to burgle another day.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the government is persecuting the victims of the crime.

Cliff said...

While acknowledging that I do not know for a certainty how I would act in a similar situation, I think the homeowner had other options available prior to using potentially lethal force.

James H said...

Well Cliff you might be right. I really have a feeling that all of murder and assaults in the neighbor hood had him on edge. We shall see

Anonymous said...

I see no reason for a citizen who is under attack by a criminal to waste his time sitting down with the criminal to negotiate what "other options" might be available to deal with the criminal attack. In this warzone of a society in which we live, every honest law abiding citizen should be well armed, and he or she should use that armament in the most effective way possible to neutralize the threat against their persons, their families, their homes, their businesses, or other property. The prosecution of this innocent citizen for simply defending himself, his family, and his home is an outrage.