Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Citzens United Could Finally Expand Religious Liberty To Business ( HHS Mandate )

In HHS contraception mandate cases in Federal Courts across the land the position of the Government of the United States in Court is clear. For Profit  Corporations have no religious rights under the First Amendment thus they have no standing even to bring a claim. In other words the Government is saying why are we hear even arguing this.

This I suspect makes little since to people since this includes the most common form of mom and pop business arrangement . That is the L.L.C. which is a Limited Liability Company. People are fairly asking how a classic partnership might have standing but a L.L.C. ( which again most small business are under ) can't even have their day in court according to the Government.

However the Citizens United case is now another huge avenue to correct this. See this article from the Washington Examiner Will Citizens United take down Obamacare’s HHS mandate?

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Anonymous said...

Surely they don't expect to "have their cake, and eat it too". If they form a corporation to avoid personal liability, then they also avoid the rights that are guaranteed to individuals.