Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why A Partisan Political War Against the Catholic Church Is Bad Civics

Over at Catholic Vote I was getting an update on an important Congressional hearing at Exclusive: My Thoughts on HHS Hearing + Statement By Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle .

We are entering dangerous territory here and I think it's having a unseen effect. On blogs , on twitter , and other social media I am picking up on a more Democrat self ID Folk being very critical of the Catholic Church on many matters. These people for the most part blog , tweet , etc politics so a blatant attack on the Bishops that leads to other attacks on the Faith is noticeable.

This has been rather bad this week because of another item I talked about today . See Ms Magazine, Anti Sharia Laws, Catholic Bishops and The Contraception Issue Has Common Theme that is also heated this week.

As I alluded to in that post one gets the sense that people that have problems with certain Catholic Doctrinces and practices are now trying to the power of the Federal Government to get their agenda done.

The problem is that this cannot be contained and I am afraid where it leads. For instance will there be tit for tat and political conservatives start targeting Faith groups that are progressive as to their funding. For instance I might disagree with the Episcopal Church USA leadership but their social programs do good work. Think for instance their immigration services that they provide.

I am afraid this cannot be contained and if people don't stop we are entering some rather unfortunate waters. People pick up even if they are not aware of cues from their leadership. Politcos need to be careful.


SJ Reidhead said...

Now you know how we Episcopalians feel!


Seriously, I've noticed the same thing.

The Pink Flamingo

James H said...


Yeah I mean this whole thing is going to get out of ocntrol and you know there will be no stopping the back and forth that would happen

SJ Reidhead said...

They are crazy!

Makes you wonder who is a Christian and just who isn't.

The Pink Flamingo