Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reality Time - Pope Benedict's Health Is In Decline

The Anchoress talks about something people like me want to deny. Pope Benedict is experiencing a health decline. See Tired Benedict Needs our Prayers. The comments of the Rabbi there are sort of a wake up call to reality.

I wonder if Pope Benedict sometimes has an angry conversation with God like all of us have at times. WHY ME? At 84 many people ( if they lucky to be alive) are enjoying retirement taking it easy and pursuing various interest. Pope Benedict on the other hand has the weight of the world on his shoulders while often being cast as a villain by some. It is amazing but respect for old people goes out the window as to the Pope.

It is incredible that Pope Benedict ,who in informed circles is credited with getting the Holy See involved in the sex abuse crisis finally, is the whipping boy for all our collective Catholic flock Church's sins. But I suppose that goes with the job, and that will be the state of affairs till his last dying breath. I cannot comprehend being in that position. Talk about how prayer and Grace can sustain a person

I don't expect Pope Benedict to die soon. However I think Catholics should prepare themselves for a much more less aggressive Papacy in public. I don't think we are going to see any new major initiatives from the Pope. Which is fine because there are MAJOR things on his plate right now. Two of which are the New Evangelization and of course the Anglo Catholic Ordinariate. Further he will still be picking outstanding Bishops and Cardinals . We also it appears will have the benefit of his mind and writings.

I feel more connected to Pope Benedict than John Paul the II. Largely because when he writes on subjects I get it. I suppose that is the University Prof in him.

We are all mortal and of course the Pope is not the entire Catholic Church by any means. However I do have some sadness over this.

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