Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Little Catholic Drummer Boy of Chickamauga

For good or for bad I suspect the interest the American Civil War is taking another marked decline among Americans. We have seen this in many regions in the country. Further immigration plays a key. However the American South is still where Civil War memory still retains some currency.

However even here we see a much less marked interest. This is natural. There are very few people alive today that knew someone in the Civil war. My Grandmother , who is barely hanging on, did get to meet and know my Great Great Great Grandfather that served in the Confederacy. So the family memory of that time that got passed down to my grandmother through those stories is in a rather dramatic free fall.

But I will still be blogging about it from time to time since I find that time period so fascinating.

So he is a good story ( WITH A CATHOLIC TWIST) . See The Drummer Boy of Chickamauga.

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