Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Southern Baptist Albert Mohler Versus NYT 's Nicholas Kristof On the Virgin Birth

Albert Mohler has re posted a good column he did from 2006. See Must We Believe in the Virgin Birth?

I have to say the Virgin Birth never gave me any problems for whatever reason. After accepting and believing that I eat the Body and Blood of Christ each week, that Jesus was fully human and fully God, that we shall live forever, and our bodies shall be resurrected the Virgin Birth does not seem such a stumbling point. However that is just me. Maybe I am just not sophisticated to see why this is such a problem compared to the rest as to belief .

I came across this repost via Anglican Curmudgeon that takes this as a jumping off point to a interesting discussion that well is way past my pay grade. That is does the science done on the Shroud of Turin gives us clues as to confirming this event outside Faith.

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