Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lutheran Bishop Calls Out Bigoted Catholic Bishops

I don't mean to go on a Gay Marriage rant today. I have already posted Why Many Pro Catholic Gay Marriage Advocates Depress Me . But I just saw this column by the former presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that calls out the Catholic Bishops.

See Gay marriage - a Lutheran leader's plea to Catholic bishops

He is in fact a enabler of the people I talk about in that post I did today. Basically some folks in America misused the Bible to mistreat African Americans so therefore Gay Marriage is fine.

No talk of Scripture, Tradition, Church Creeds, Church Teaching, Natural law from the former presiding Bishops Just an argument that yall are being like the Preachers that used to keep slaves in their place. No talk about Eastern Orthodox and their viewpoint. It is in fact all wonderfully Protestant which I guess might be the problem.

Now no doubt the presiding Bishop has a Christian case for gay marriage. But he can't be bothered to make it. Just pull out the folks used the Bible to justify American slavery card and that's it.

What a sad state of affairs. This is now what passes for intelligent religious discourse.


Andy said...

"persons who happen to be gay or lesbian through no choice of their own"

This is the argument that drives me insane because it is so illogical. ("Do you think anyone choses to be gay!?") I heard Hilary Clinton use it just this week.

Science hasn't found a gay gene, and as you've pointed out, human sexuality is more fluid and less binary that these proponents are willing to admit. However, for the sake of argument, let's assume a homosexual has no control over his desires, which is a statement to which I could probably agree.

The maxim could then be rewritten to "I should be allowed to act on whatever desires I possess and over which I have no control." From there it is not hard to argue that ANY impulse (eg alcoholism, kleptomania, promiscuity, anti-social behavior, etc) is natural and I should be allowed to act upon that impulse, freewill (another unscientific principle) be damned.

The argument should be on whether homosexual activity is moral or not, and why that is the case. If it is immoral, then should it be criminalized. If it is moral, then the argument should be in what capacity should society recognize homosexual acts and why. This emotional argument of "I was born this way" is a rather sophomoric appeal to emotion.

Anonymous said...

People are 'born' heterosexual, too.
I think the jury is still out on the complex causes of same-sex attraction.
But the jury on the snark-laden 'pointing of the finger' has spoken . . . .
better to avoid it, if you are able.

Some people can't help but be snark-filled finger-pointers . . .
they were 'born' that way. :)