Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lack of Legal Reporting in Fired Artificial Insemination Catholic Teacher Case - Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Get Religion has a profile of an article that is creating outrage among the usual suspects on the internet. See Cuddly baby and a court case which deals with a teacher that was fired because she had a child by artificial insemination.

Now let me note my main objection here is something that Get Religion picks up on. There seems to be little at all legal helpful analysis. I have to think someone could have been found in the area to give a little more depth to the legal issues , both Church/State and Employment law, that are involved.

I thought there was another interesting angle. For those that think I am some sexist old conservative Catholic let me throw you a bone. I find the allegation that perhaps this is not being fairly applied to both males and female teachers interesting. Does for instance a male winning football coach get a pass if his wife has artificial insemination and female staff not? I am sort of interested in seeing that angle explored. Also if , and I SAY IF , that is true does that mean despite the Church status of this school she might have a legal case. Again there are no lawyers to give insight really.

As mentioned at the end the sexual abuse angle is thrown in as to the Priest that appears had to give her the walking papers. What is interesting and what I think various people are missing is her comments on that:

“I would think Father Kiffmeyer would be more empathetic because of the judgment that he’s received from his past,” Dias said.

Now that could mean many things. Does she think he got a raw deal or was not treated fairly? I did some background investigation on this. It seems the Archdiocese when this allegations dealing with 2 people of the age of majority came up they suspended him (which for practical purpose means he was fired). He denied the allegations ,and the Vatican for the reasons given in the article reinstated him. I am not sure the Archdiocese was thrilled with that action looking at the tone the article as to the research I did.

But what was interesting . is this Parish associated with this school did an all out lay push to get this Priest into their Parish and their school. We read here there were a series of meetings and that at the final meeting 92 percent fo the parishioners in attendance supported getting this priest that had allegation against him. There seems to be an interesting back story to all this that the paper hints out and throws out there but does not give background. For a story I suspect they knew would go national it seems as to the Priest's reputation they might should have done that in fairness.


Dad29 said...

Similar incident in Wisconsin. See: (Scroll down to Item #2)

More here:

I believe that the teacher lost her case in court.

James H said...

AHH thanks for the link