Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jewish Rabbi's Bigoted Piece on Tebow and American Christians

I was just shocked to see this piece in a major Jewish publication written by a important Jewish Rabbi

What is amazing one level is how an educated person could envision such a thing. His circle of friends must indeed be small. There has been , as would be expected , a lot of Jewish outrage over these remarks. As this piece shows this a lot less about Tebow and the Broncos and more about just over the top bigotry.

Here is the frightening thing. How widespread is this view?

Another facet of this is the news coverage. It seems that while this situation got some exposure its seems far less than when a Priest or Evangelical makes controversial comments. As noted in that last piece I linked this rabbi is political much like the controversial Dallas Southern Baptist Pastor that made comments about Mormons and Catholics is political. Where is the balance in coverage?

I have little doubt that the VAST VAST majority of Jews don't share these sentiments. But again I do wonder in some circles where this Rabbi is at how many do.

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