Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Laugh of the Day- Liturgy Scholar Urges Catholics To Find Refuge In Modern Catholic Music ( Liturgy Translation )

Oh goodness see this petter to the paper at Letter: New Catholic missal cumbersome, wordy from a Priest in Fond du Lac. ( The RED is my comments)

As a former professor of liturgy at St. Francis Seminary who trained many of the priests of Milwaukee Archdiocese ( Plays the expert card) , I deplore the English translation of the Roman Missal that has been foisted upon American Catholics. ( This was actually "foisted" on more than American Catholics but was to correct problems in the ENGLISH Liturgy worldwide. It's an attempt to also have get with what the non Anglo English Speaking Catholic world is actually playing. See Catholic which means Universial).

By a very slavish translation of Latin, these texts have brought us as close as possible to the way Romans prayed between 500 and 1000 A.D., together with the social and cultural baggage of that time. The spiritual universe of those Roman times is there, along with an almost groveling approach to God and an overriding preoccupation with getting to heaven, rather than the Gospel emphasis upon discipleship, loving our neighbor and service. ( I must say I am not sure I feel like I "groveling" when I get I am praying the new translation. I am made more aware of Majesty of God and what is happening right before eyes and in my hearing and in my senses. Further while the changes are most apparent in Eucharistic Prayer I has everything that this Priest seems to like about the other Eucharistic Prayers been done away with in the other Eucharistic prayers?)

Only antiquarians and Latin scholars (the people who made these changes) could love this turn of events. ( Actually I am hearing the person in the pew likes them) I would advise Catholic people to turn for spiritual nourishment to the hymns we sing, where they shall find the scriptures and contemporary spirituality more readily available. (OK PLAY THE LAUGH TRACK TIME ) . I don't think it's a secret but many people see modern Catholic music as a disaster. It is also not that easy to sing and often times just seems silly. This is not just some "Traditionalist viewpoint" . I have seen rather more progressive Episcopal and Presbyterian folks just shake their heads at hearing it. Say what you will about the recent theological bent of this faith communities but they did not replicate the modern disaster that is Catholic music.

The new texts are cumbersome, wordy and difficult to pray publicly. They shall not wear well, but look increasingly archaic with time, fostering the search for alternate prayers. Unfortunately, the silk purse of our expensive new Roman Missal contains, when opened up, alas, a sow's ear.
Father Kenneth Smits, Capuchin
Fond du Lac

I respectfully disagree. The Liturgical language has indeed returned to more traditional reserved Liturgical language. In fact it has returned in some places to a more scriptural correct translation. It might seem more "wordy" and more "cumbersome" because well it's new. It's is true that no translation is perfect but to continue to think that modern day Catholic music on the whole will provide solace is nonsense. I am not saying there is not some good tunes. But can we at least admit that ignoring the fact that many Catholics don't seem to take a joy in singing 90 percent of it is a problem.

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Dad29 said...

He's "former" for a reason. Abp Dolan cleaned out that Augean stable the easy way: he shut it down.

Ironically, one of the world's foremost liturgical experts (Fr R Skeris, Ph.D.) is a priest of the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

His thoughts prolly are directly in conflict with those of the CappyFran.