Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's the Atheist Christmas Creche in the Wisconsin State Capitol ( Video )

Ann Althouse has a nice vid up this link The atheist creche in the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda. I will reproduce it here because the frame freezes on a part that might make you interested in clicking it. Be sure to go to ther site and read the comments.

Ann and husband take a look a the Christmas dislays in the Rotundua must of the time is focused on the Athiest one. I have to admit the Thou Shall not steal message was confusing but I get the humor there. What? you don't want us to take a brochure?

I agree with them that it's fairly well done. Though I do wonder why evolution is highlighted so much. Many Christians accept at least some form of evolution. In fact Charles Darwin saying we are all Africans is not really that controversal in Christian circles.


Andy said...

I'm pretty sure most "militant atheists" could probably be diagnosed with at least a mild form of personality disorder.

The few atheists I know very rarely speak of being atheist even when it is just the two of us. I don't think it is because of social pressure, but that it simply is not any more important to them than my non-belief in unicorns is to me. They would happily go to a Christmas event, simply to enjoy the festive time of the year.

As for the militants, I would wager they are split between 1) those who have a socially liberal political outlook and view destroying religion as the most effective way of gaining popular support for radically rethinking society's moral framework and 2) those with personality disorders. Not unlike people who enjoy telling you how a movie will end 15 minutes into the film, know-it-alls (see overweight character from The Simpsons who runs the comic book store) and general grumps.

As for the over-emphasis on evolution, I think it is ignorance as to what most Christian faiths actually teach, probably because the "loudest" voices in evangelical Christianity are often very young age creationist.

Also, were any people in that display actually an atheist? (Appraently Emma Goldberg was, but I didn't know who she was and had to look her up). Everyone else was somewhere on the spectrum between nominally Christian to deist to agnostic.

James H said...

I have to agree with you. This uptick in militant atheists is baffeling to me. Most non believers I knew were always a lot more congenial and well enjoyable to be around. As well as their arguments being more sophisticated.

They also did not view ( or most that I knew) as Religion having no contribution.

Now we get people that just scream Hitler was a Catholic