Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cardinal George , Gays, and the KKK - Violation of Sacred Place

Oh boy has Cardinal George opened a can of worms. The Huff Gay Post has Cardinal George: Chicago Gay Pride Parade, LGBT Movement Could 'Morph Into Klu Klux Klan' (VIDEO)

Now I would have not used the word KKK but I suspect the Cardinal was searching there. Though I can see some possible similar thoughts emerging. The KKK said that religious schools should be outlawed because they did not support "American Values" Some in the gay rights movement now venturing into the "un American" language too as to the Church. The Gay Right movement does not use violence though which is why the KKK comparison is going to be bad optics.

I would have used Westboro Baptist Church myself. The Cardinal is worried about the tone of demostrations that might occur. As we have seen this year those concerns might be valid as to Holy Name Cathedral. Throw in the Rainbow Sash movement and their antics there and we see why George might be concerned.

I think the problem here is a violation of the social contract that has been happening with many groups of various political interest . Westboro Baptist Church is pretty detested by all so the social sanction as to them is expected. However have we as Americans let the social sanction for violating sacred space go a little neglected?

Lets talk about my folks and that is Christians. There were many things I did not like about the past 911 New York City Mosque protests. But I did have a feeling we violating some space there. Further we have seen some visible public protest at other areas where Mosques are being built. That made me very uncomfortable. I have not seen hardly any Christian protests at completed Mosques themselves with the faithful being there but I wonder if that could be next

Now If I was to take a poll I suspect a majority Christians of all stripes would be against this. But did we bother to speak out against it enough. I know some did but was it enough?

Returning to Chicago we have seen the past violations of sacred space. Now I suspect if I was to take a poll most LBGT folks would disagree with the tactics that we saw in the links I posted. But like Christians above did they do enough to speak out about it.

Thus the fear. The bothering question becomes if this infringement on Sacred Space is becoming more mainstream? Well I truly hope not. But as to Catholics and some fringe gays and Muslims and some fringe Christians there is a basis to the fear in some particular situations.

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Kurt said...

Ii find it shocking the Cardinal would make such a -- frankly -- evil statement. It is not just gays who object, but African-Americans, that are well aware of the violent actions of the KKK. The Cardinal needs to make an apology.