Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Money Wise the Catholic Church Indeed Got A 57 Million Bargain in the Crystal Cathedral

There are a group of people that are HORRIFIED that the Catholic Church spent all that money , 57 million, on the Crystal Cathedral .

The Church should give the money to the poor is their mantra which is often in an annoying tone of superiority.

These folks for the most part have no conception of cost of land and how much it costs to construct a building and physical plant in parts of California. For all purposes they are living in 1970s where a "pop" might still be be had for a quarter. The fact that the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Orange is actually saving substantial money never occurs to them. This is a depressing large group whose economic knowledge seems to mirror a good bit of the populace of the USA,

Then there are a group of people that HORRIFIED the Catholic Church is now possessing this modern day glass modern building that does not look very Catholic.

I am sometimes in this group myself , though I occasionally wander out but when I do I am still on it's edges.

To them COST is not the issue. In fact "we" are quite aware that this is cheaper in the long run. However as they say what's worth doing is worth doing right.

To all that we bring a rather good and balanced article from the USA TODAY newspaper. See Analysis: Crystal Cathedral purchase a sweet deal

It hit on both these themes. One item missing from the article is the state of the physical plant itself. That is besides the huge needed internal renovations of the interior to make it suitable for Catholic worship, will the Diocese be facing some extensive cost in the future because of the age of the various buildings. Besides that missing element I thought it was a good article.

I guess in about 5 to 6 years we shall have a idea if the Diocese of Orange California made a good choice.

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