Friday, December 23, 2011

Thoughts On Likely New Head of Likely Aggressive New USA Anglican Ordinariate

I mention one blog was reporting this earlier this week. Another Anglican new source with a some respectable track record says the same. See Former Episcopal Bishop Jeffrey Steenson to be named the first American Ordinary .

I am not seeing a lot of push back against these sources so I think this is all likely very correct. So January First the former Episcopal Church USA Bishop of the Rio Grande will be likely named Bishop of the new Ordinariate.

I think it's a good choice , though I have to admit I was rooting for Fr. Christopher Phillips of Our Lady of the Atonement.

This will be no easy task. The Ordinaritate is going to need all our prayers and yes financial support. The new ordinary must indeed work with the American Bishop to get their assistance in needed matters. But he also is going to have show I think some considerable independence to show that indeed the Ordinariate is it's own important living jurisdiction. I think some American Bishops are going to be a tad surprised how "evangelical" in a Catholic sense and mission planting this new creature will be :) .

This of course does not mean that much needed Christian Diplomacy goes out the door as to the Bishops. Some of these parishes have big visions which will include schools which mean another added area of "competition" with the regular Diocese. All of which I think he is a healthy thing and indeed we are on the same team. But it will take a person with the right tact not to ruffle feather when UNNEEDED and cause bad feelings. There will be bumps of the road but I am pretty bullish on where this is going. This might be a primary reason why the Steenson is such a good pick.

In fact in 5 to 6 years I suspect we shall start seeing the start of quite a non Catholic non Anglican convert trend in the Ordinariate. Which might get the rest of us Catholics examining how we do the Great Commission.

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