Friday, December 9, 2011

Catholic Church Now Impacted By Messy Episcopal Church USA Property Fights

I am going to blog on another interesting Church property case that is one of many occurring later today hopefully.

However the situation in Forth Worth is something I could see happening from a mile away. See Anglo - Catholic's post St. Timothy's Church, Fort Worth

It's pure speculation but I highly suspect the soon to be erected USA Ordinariate is going to try to avoid these type of litigation. First because well it will not have the money to really engage it needless to say. Further I suspect the American Catholic Bishops want to avoid this.

The basic fact is this. Until the U.S. Supreme Court decides to take Cert on these cases the whole situation will be a mess. Whatever property that comes into the Ordinariate , unless signed off by the Parish, the local Episcopal Bishop, and Episcopal Church USA, is going to be in continued dispute.

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