Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is Your Catholic Parish Blessing Your Wine Today ? - ( Feast of St John the Apostle )

Canterbury Tales has a good post talking about how Catholics ( at least some if your Parish is doing it) bless people's wine on todays Feast of St John. See Dec 27: Today is Wine Blessing Day in the Catholic Church!

As we are in our every day battle for Catholics to regain their Patrimony back and live the Liturgical year this seem like something that should be promoted more. Plus it's fun, gets people in the doors, and I think fits well with the theme that we are in celebration of Christmas time.

Plus who does not need Blessings?

Update- As soon as posted this tI saw the well known Father Z posted on this at 27 Dec: Today we bless WINE! HUZZAH! ( Great minds think alike I guess)

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