Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amazing California Mall Eucharistic Flash Mob Video - Is This Good or Bad ?

This is rather amazing and just made my day. I like the reaction afterwards. I saw this over at the Deacon Bench and in the comments Henry Karlson that writes over at Vox Nova said:

I don’t like flash-mobs at all. They can be disruptive, they encourage a brain-dead “listen to those who tell you what to do without thinking” mentality. And when it is imitated by Christians in this kind of way, it doesn’t bring holiness to the equation, but the cheapness of the situation to Christ. But that’s me

Well that is not I how I view it as to at least what we see in the video . But I do wonder how many share that same attitude. Not saying there is a wrong or right answer but I like it.

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