Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catholic Bishop of Fargo Says USA Religious Freedom Under Attack By Elements of Communism and Nazism

Catholic Bishops in the United States are not holding back this morning. First it was Chicago and Cardinal George ( see my post Cardinal George , Gays, and the KKK - Violation of Sacred Place ).

NOW it's the Diocese of FARGO about as far removed from the big City lights of the Windy City as you can get. See AUDIO: Fargo Bishop Believes Elements Of Communism And Nazism Are Attacking Religious Freedoms from station KFGO. About to listen to the audio right now.

Fun morning!!

Update- They just give us the blurb which is disappointing and not the whole talk in context. Will keep looking to see if they provide that.


Dad29 said...

(The MP3 is posted at the link)

The Bishop is not wrong; he's taking his cue from B-16's "dictatorship of relativism"--and the "dictatorship" is used with full meaning.

Thus Rorty's PoMo is in full swing, less the morals.

BTW, I think that Bp Morlino of Madison would say the same things, except his location constrains him a bit. He's using the other tactic: lots and lots of educational essays/speakers, etc.

James H said...

I think you are right. The Bishop in Fargo is not exactly under the same constraints as Madision to say the least

Kurt said...

I don't think Morlino is under any constraints. He and the lay faithful of Madison seem to have an agreement to ignore each other.

Kurt said...
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