Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Orleans Saints Who Dat Catholic Mass ( Video )

Since we might be seeing this repeated again soon :)

I must say I have conflicted feeling about this. No surprise since I am MR LITURGY don't slouch your back while kneeling you better genuflect when you leave the Church kind of a Opinionated Catholic.

Also there is the you give Catholics inch they take a often mile sort of thing.

On the other hand, at least it happened after the " Priest -The Mass is Over People- Thanks Be To God" part. Though I was not that thrilled how it appeared the Priest just threw his vestments down.

But I have to admit this happening on a special occasion like this is not likely going to get me to be writing Internet Liturgy Guru Father Z in a tiff.

Though I can understand some people's angst. But I admit if I had been there it would have brought a smile to my face. So shoot me and I might need to turn in my "with your spirit" and consubstantial decoder ring which I like.

To be clear no one is worshiping a football team there but something bigger perhaps. Like maybe just surviving it all.


Rebecca said...

Love this! I saw Fr. Tony present at NCYC and he was awesome.

James H said...

Yeah he follow him on twitter. he seems a like a good well rounded guy

Anonymous said...