Saturday, December 24, 2011

Having Christmas Mass at the South Pole and Other Topics

I have sometimes have wondered what the state of Catholic debates and theology would be if the earth had some mega disaster that would would make a good bit of technology inaccessible in our lives. I though of this the other day when I read Eastern Alice C. Linsley pieces at her blog God as Male Priest , Blood and Binary Distinctions , and What is a Priest? . In other words, is our perception of certain realities influenced a great deal by our perhaps fragile hold on our amazing technology.

Put out a whole much of different subjects out there. Maybe even the current marriage debates. Well what does this have to do with the South Pole and Christmas.

Well there is no doubt technology is present at the South Pole. But it does seem after reading this wonderful piece by a Catholic Priest at the South Pole that the environment puts many things in perspective. See My Faith: An unexpected Christmas at South Pole

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