Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Minnesota A University Business School Lecturer Not Hired Because of Views On Same Sex Marriage?

It seems when I do a post on a same sex attraction issue that a couple of major stories dealing with it come up on the same day. Thus I blog on them and it looks like I am talking gay marriage all the time. Which I am not on this blog. Regardless on a very important legal blog we see something of note.

The Volokh Conspiracy has a post up on something that might be rather big news on the internets soon. See Hiring [a Lecturer] Stridently Opposed to Gay Rights Goes Against the [University’s] Ethic of Nondiscrimination”

Now there is a huge caveat here. As Eugene Volokh points out there are a lot of ifs in this story that we are unclear on. I suspect that might be ignored by many. In fact its not clear to be if has been hired or was hired and now it has been rescinded.

Still I think it's something to watch and be concerned about.

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