Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mystery Louisiana Bible Camp Linked With Sexual Abuse of Boy By Woman

This story seems fairly typical of the coverage of this incident. Of course the comment discussion has gone into the typical direction as you can expect dealing with a young teenager and rather good looking alleged sexual offender . See here for an example.

Now it seems most are taking their cues from this Sheriff's Office news release .

I have googled this quite a bit and the info you get in the first link is about the same you will get in all the stories.

How did this happen? Well all we know is it happened at where "Daughdrill was working as a teacher/aide at a Summer Bible school camp the boy had attended".

Well that is helpful.

Summer Bible camps just don't drop down from heaven ready to go full of teachers, aides, programs, food, and insurance policies to take care of liabilities

They are usually associated with with a Church or faith community/denomination. What Bible camp did this happen at? Who sponsored it? I am not saying the Church/Faith community / Denomination did anything negligent here in their screening. But heck how do we know? In fact how can other parents with children at this camp be on notice that a person associated with this camp had unlawful sexual acts with a "camper" that at the very least she met through this camp.

Now I suppose this could be a Catholic Bible camp. However I have doubts about that since the notification is not splashed all over the Diocese of Lake Charles website as would be likely typical procedure. Could it be Catholic associated? Well maybe but I doubt it since the papers and no doubt the Diocese would be in freak out mode.

Which leads to the question. Why is the Faith community that sponsored this camp so left out of every news story I can find on this now over week old story. As to the Catholic Church , that despite putting massive efforts into child protection policies but gets no credit, I have little doubt if there was a connection it would be highlighted. Why is this likely non Catholic backer getting a pass from scrutiny.

Again I am not accusing the people of this camp being negligent. Of course since we have no idea who sponsored this camp we have no idea if they had proper screening procedures in place.

Now I realize there is the rather good looking Woman/ young teenager dynamic going on here that might make people think this is no big deal. ( the kid must bedoing Fives etc ). However this is still an abuse of authority issue . So why are the people behind the mysterious summer Bible camp non actors in all this?

Is there again a double standard? In fact if this had been a man and young girl is it still rather likely that the non Catholic sponsors of this Bible camp would still be mysterious non actors in this news story? I am afraid so.

Again this could be Catholic affiliated but I rather doubt it. This is a pattern we see too often. Something bad and illegal happens at some Church and we have no idea who that Church is even affliated with so to ask questions about safeguards.


Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

What people don't realize is that this bias, which there is, doesn't happen with blatant pre-meditation. No, it is done slyly, and sometimes almost subconsciously.

This just shows the anti-Catholic bias... because in this case, they dont think the denom. matters...

James H said...

I think you are right. I mean this double standard gets so obvious some times

Billy said...

Did you ask the CPSO for the information that you want? Their Email address is I think the reason you know that it is a Catholic when they get arrested for sexual abuse of children is because the man is wearing a backward collar, and gives his title as "Father". I doubt that it is really a vast right wing conspiracy to let people know when it is a Catholic that gets arrested and then keep it secret when it is a Protestant woman who gets arrested.

James H said...

I really don;t think its a conspiracy I guess. I think people just don't even think to ask for some reason.