Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Late Night TV Host and Comedian Jimmy Fallon Talks Being An Altar Boy And How Mass Is Done Today

This is a fun interview and I hope he finds his was back into the Church. But I think there is something here that we should all take note of as to liturgy. I bet a lot of people think like Fallon.

Note he is not talking about the old LATIN MASS here but the regular Mass after Vatican II of his childhood. See Jimmy Fallon on His Catholicism


Andy said...

Hilarious and so true:
"I'm I'm doing too much. I don't want - there's Frisbees being thrown, there's beach balls going around, people waving lighters, and I go this is too much for me. I want the old way. I want to hang out with the, you know, with the nuns, you know, that was my favorite type of mass, and the Grotto and just like straight up, just mass-mass."

James H said...

LOL Yeah I get his point. Some Catholics have been rather harsh on him which I don't think is the attitude one should take in trying to urge someone back into the fold.

But I do get his point and I do wonder how many feel the same.

Kalpesh said...

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