Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bishop Duca's Dream of Catholic Charities in Diocese of Shreveport Has Coming Out Party

Bishop Duca's dream of bringing Catholic Charities to the little ole Diocese of Shreveport has it's one year anniversary and it's official coming out party. See Catholic Charities Celebrates One Year and Launches New Website . It seems that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the Catholic and non Catholic community. I think this is a wonderful development for my "Mission" Diocese as some view it.

This Bishop since he arrived just a short time ago is big on social media and effective communications. We have seen a rather seismic shift as attention to that since he arrived. Catholic Charities is no exception and the Bishop has also had launched a nice Diocese of Shreveport Catholic Charities web page.

Related to this is an article on the Parish were the headquarters of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Shreveport is now housed. See The Legacy of St. Catherine of Siena Church which toward the end talks about how Catholic Charities fits in well there. It's a nice parish and I attended Mass there often when I lived in the area.

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