Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lindy Boggs Makes Long Trip Home To Say Goodbye To Archbishop Hannan ( Plus Picayune Front Page)

I have been watching the live feed from St Louis Cathedral this morning during the last hours of visitation before Archbishop Hannan's Funeral Mass this afternoon. The chant is lovely and is so is the stream of all the people touching and praying over his body.

I posted a phote of Congresswoman and former Ambassador to the Holy See Lindy Boggs over the casket last night. The New Orleans Catholic paper has a nice piece on her as she talk about Hannan. She is 95 years old and sadly it appears she has left her beloved New Orleans to live with family in D.C. While I am sure she loves her family it must be tough for people when they enter the FINAL FINAL stages of life to leave home. Still she looks great for 95. See Lindy Boggs, along with thousands of Catholic school students, bid farewell to Abp. Hannan

On another note Father Allen has nice pictures he took yesterday of the events here.

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