Friday, October 7, 2011

Jay Dardenne and Billy Nungessor Have Lt Governor Tea Party Debate ( No Injuries ) Links and Commentary

As usual let me say first up I am a Jay Dardenne supporter. I think it's critical he get into this office because to be blunt we don't know what will Jindal do in the future.

Ok with that out of the way on to this heated Louisiana heated Lt Gov race ,which in reality is the only race statewide anyone is paying attention too. Which at this point is still not many. However I think it is very important.

There was important debate between Jay Dardenne and Billy Nungessor last night in Baton Rouge. In fact it was a TEA PARTY debate which we are told time and time again don't like Jay Dardenne. It was also one of the first debates after a whole bunch of charges went back and forth between them.

The Advocate has their take on it here at Dardenne, Nungesser face off in debate at Dardenne, Nungesser face off in debate . The is a report and TV vid here at Dardenne and Nungesser square off in peaceful debate. The Picayune has Dardenne, Nungesser tangle in face-to-face debate before Baton Rouge Tea Party

My impression "reading between the lines" is that Jay did himself well as to well some big falsehoods that been done against him. I also get a sense from the tweets it went well for Jay too.

I think this is critical. If Jay get a nice portion of this vote and not even a majority (TEA PARTY etc I think he wins. I am anxious to see if we can see if Jay in the Acadian area where for whatever reason is the main area where Nungesser seems to have a good lead in the State.

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