Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking at Media Coverage of South Carolina Episcopal Church Crisis

Get Religion has a good post on looking at the so far surprising slight main stream media coverage of the Episcopal Church crisis in South Carolina.

I thought this comment made a good point:

Nice post Mollie, thank you. Also, your article at the WSJ was great and much appreciated by those of us who follow the Episcopal-Anglican split.

I can understand why this isn’t getting much mainstream press coverage: there are so many layers of confusion and obfuscation. Old Title IV canons, new Title IV canons; even canon law experts confused on exactly how the process is working - who has brought charges and what the next steps are. (It appears they are using a special “expedited process”…) confusion about who is on the Disciplinary Board for Bishops (two different rosters published), now all sorts of backtracking and the church attorney recusing herself, etc. etc. etc.

So even those of us deeply versed in Anglican lore are left bemused, confused, and feeling like we’ve gone down the rabbit hole where up is down and down is up and words are given new meanings every day (and canons interpreted however the powers that be wants them to be).

I don’t envy any reporter trying to untangle all of this! But thanks for spotlighting the story!!

I think that is true. Further you add a genuine dispute about what the poers of the National Church can be versus the local Bishop it's a tought one to tell.

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