Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In 2011 Louisiana Election Aftermath No Clear GOP Kingmaker

I thought this wa a very good column by Stephanie Grace in the Picyaune. No one can claim kingmaker title: Stephanie Grace

I do agree that Jay Dardenne improved his lot by surviving the opposition of Senator David Vitter . People are going to respect that and the way that Jay ran a very methodical successful campaign will be noticed.

Of course not all of the "final results" are not in yet. If Bobby can get his people across the finish line in the BESE races well that will be huge for him.

But in the end it is still Vitter, Dardenne and Jindal and each have survived a rather interesting relationship with each other to say the least.

On a related note I think Grace is right when Bobby intends to run a tighter ship with the legislature this time. I got to think his endorsement of Sen Alario for Senator President, that is causing some conservatives heads to explode , is interesting. I would love to know the conversations Bobby and Alario had as to that deal. Regardless it appears Jindal is taking a more pragmatic view in attempts to get his future agenda passed.

I noted with some interest for instance that Bobby endorsed Democrat Rick Gallot in his State Senate race. Rick was term limited in the house and decided to run in the new created black majority state Senate district. He managed to win without a runoff ( by 72 votes). He got Jindal's endorsement despite being a a quite vocal voice against Jindal as to parts of the Governor's plan on redistricting.

Again perhaps another sign that the very "conservative" talking Jindal might be taking a very interesing pragmatic view toward governing to get an agenda through.

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