Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Can Be Orthodox Occupy Catholic Or A Orthodox Paul Ryan Catholic

Both the left and right have been annoying to some degree as to the Vatican PCJP's recent Note on the financial crisis ( AKA that World Bank Thing)

The "right" has correctly noted that Pope Benedict did not even read this document before it was released and that it was the views of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace alone. That being said the Church wanted it released so we can have a discussion about some of the proposals.

Some things in the Catholic Church are “roma locuta est , causa finita est,” translated: “Rome has spoken, the case is closed.” but that is the case in very few cases. Catholics and indeed the Holy See is not fearful of discussion on matters of Catholic social justice even if some parties would wish it was not brought up.

On the "left" people are going the Pope is saying we need a world bank case closed now vote for for all these regulations. Well no they did not. In fact as pointed out here parts of the document are good while others are plainly deficient that it does not even attempt to make it's own argument.

Which brings us to this excellent piece of commentary I recommend so much today. See E.J. Dionne and the Straw Man Massacre

Now there is a caveat to the one can be an Orthodox Paul Ryan or Orthodox Occupy Catholic. It means that ones has to engage with prayer and some study Catholic Social Doctrine which is linked to the Gospel. One cannot go hey I can think whatever I want without trying to reconcile it with the core of social justice Gospel. In other words don't play game because God knows your inner heart. But besides that there is quite a bit of leeway and room for discussion on many topics

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