Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking at the Last Day of the Louisiana LT Governor Contest - Dardenne vs Nungessor

Full Disclosure again I am a Jay Dardenne guy.

It struck me that in the LT Governor's race that Billy Nungessor was sitting on a lot of money the start of this week. I figured that money was going to be used to for GOTV /Get on Ballots etc among the black political organizations when I saw that.

It appears a good chuck of that is being used for that. See the Hayride's good piece at Looks Like Nungesser Is Pushing The Black Vote In The Lt. Governor’s Race

I find it strange Nungessor is not doing these expenditures elsewhere in parts of the State. Its all very New Orleans based. . For some reason we are not seeinghim have money dispersed in North East Louisiana to these groups for instance but that may show up later on another form.

Now there is nothing wrong legal wise with this of course. However I find sort of bad govt looking that on that the above link we see that 15,000 dollars was sent to "Traits of Leadership" to get on a ballot and that happens to be the same address as the State District office of Representative Patrick C. Williams of Shreveport. If you are going to conduct a for pay endorsement operation one would hope we can keep it out of a State district office.

The Hayride article does show who these folks are generally aligned with though.

Nungessor also got a rather late public endorsement of conservative Tony Perkins. For whatever reason Jay and Tony have been at odds for some time. I expect this is a more Baton Rouge thing than real policy stuff to be honest. Tony flew down from D.C. to help Jay opposition in the final days of the Sec of State race a few years back. Needless to say that did not help. It appears this time that Tony is not bothering to come down to rustle the bushes since he is at at a convention in Baltimore.

Despite these endorsements , Jay Dardenne has generally racked up a ample number ( more than I think some pundits expected) by members of the GOP state delegation and other important folks. Those I believe are worth more than the ones Nungessor got looking at them as a whole

Nungerssor is on a final day statewide tour with David Vitter. One really wonders what the purpose of this Nungessor race is at looking at these events today. From a tweets I have seen Vitter is just torching Jay Dardenne which leads me to indicate this might be about some future race between Jay and David. Well if that is the case it is seems a bad use of resources and too much bad blood to be expended on a race that will not happen till the next Governor's race

Intra Party warfare is abound to happen and happen more since the Democrats are well a non factor right now. Still I wish we could have waited a bit.

My thinking is if Jay gets his vote out in Baton Rouge ( recall he has got that LSU home football game to combat) he will do fine. I think Jay has done a rather good methodical race and has weathered some horrible attacks that were to say the least misleading. From what I can feel his campaign feels very confident.

After tomorrow night I expect to , and the polls seem to indicate , that Jay Dardenne will be elected again to the office of LT Governor.

Hopefully after that everyone ( even the players in the background) , can get together and bury the hatchet in this very messy GOP VS GOP fight.

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