Friday, October 21, 2011

Thoughts On New York Times Op -Ed on Bishop Finn Indictment

The New York Times is very encouraged to say the least by the Indictment of Bishop Finn. Though in it's restatement of the "facts" at issue it does not mention the Bishop's key defense issue but it's just an Op-Ed so I get that.

I am not a blind defender of Bishop Finn here and I am all for the legal process to continue. However this case is not exactly the slam dunk as it is being portrayed as to legal issues involved. Further if he is indicted under this fact pattern that the DA office in this jurisdiction applies this law equally to all people. I have doubts that will happen but we shall see. I have my doubts because looking at the fact pattern if Bishop Finn is guilty so were many others in this case. Why are they just indicting the Bishop personally?

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